Pressure Washers & Vacuums

Johnson H2O offers high-performance hot and cold water pressure washers and wet/dry vacuums for a variety of applications.

  • Nilfisk-ALTO KEW Pressure Washers

    Johnson H2O can provide a quality water solution for all your pressure washing needs.

  • Cold Water Performance

    Nilfisk-ALTO High Pressure Washers offer unsurpassed cleaning efficiency and versatility. In more than 120 countries worldwide, powerful Nilfisk-ALTO pressure washing systems are the number one choice for extraordinary cleaning, handling ease, durability and field support.

  • Hot Water Innovations

    Nilfisk-ALTO offers hot water electric mobile machines for a multitude of applications. Our NEPTUNE series pressure washers also operate at 92% fuel efficiency, for beneficial environmental and cost savings.

A note of appreciation for your prompt, thorough and kind service the last 5 weeks. Everyone was knowledgeable and very considerate. Too often complaints are the ‘norm’, but not in this case! Thank you for your service.

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